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Take the DREAM Score!

  • Your DREAM Score results will serve as an indicator of your current health status and if you’re raising children, it can be a predictor of your children’s current & future health!
  • Determine where you are in your wellness journey and see if your “battery” is charging or depleting.
  • Unlike other books, D.R.E.A.M. Wellness: The 5 Keys to Raising Kids for a Lifetime of Physical and Mental Health takes you on a self-guided tour through the entire book. (You do not need to own the book to benefit from taking the DREAM Score.)
  • Based on the results, the report will guide you to the specific actionable areas that you need to focus on, so you do not even need to read the entire book.

​Guide to Reading and Understanding Food Packaging Labels" & ​"Vitamin and Mineral Guide: Deficiencies and Cravings

  • Never again wonder how to read a food packaging label!
  • Stop getting fooled by fancy names for sugar when you want to avoid it!
  • Understand the different sections of a label including the ingredients, serving size and various nutrients found in the item!
  • Enjoy the detailed list of ingredients you want to avoid!
  • Learn all about specific vitamins and minerals, what they do for your body and where to find them in your diet!
  • Protect yourself from giving in to various cravings by replacing what you think you want with healthier items that you actually need!

"Mastering Self-Love and Finding Peace & Joy in Y.O.U.", Workbook

  • Finally understand "What you are" and why you do the things you do the way you do them!
  • Learn how to love yourself unconditionally and see why you are perfect!
  • Gain insight on how to attract, create and maintain harmonious relationships at home, at work, and every aspect of life.
  • Release yourself from feelings of guilt, shame, anger and resentment and replace them with love, joy, harmony and peace.

"Reduce Screen-Use for Kids", eBook & "Digital Detox for Parents", Workbook

  • No more "Electronic Zombies" at your meal tables!
  • Discover creative ways to engage and communicate with your entire family, and enjoy each other's company!
  • Encourage active creativity versus pre-programmed information seeping into the minds of your kids!
  • Get ideas for both child-led activities and parent-led activities that you can all enjoy!

If at any point you decide to purchase the book, you will gain FREE access to the membership site that contains dozens of additional bonuses to help you and your family live your D.R.E.A.M., every day!